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 Before S2BL I had reached an absolute peak weight in my life of 189 LBS.. I had been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol within this period and never had these issues before. I began to feel unhappy and needed change. After being a Zi Xiu Tang user for years and it no longer being available, many other supplements were tried with no success options were becoming grim.. I was active in exercise running 4-5 miles a day, weight training, watching my diet and doing everything right.. It was just that nothing I was doing was working. It was at that time S2BL was born! YES.. this is ME.. co-founder and co-creator of S2BL & Shore Nutritional Supplements. S2BL has helped me drop 45lbs so far, brought my blood pressure under control and dropped my cholesterol to levels my doctor has given the thumbs up on! I have also lost 15% body fat, feel better, have more energy, fit into clothes never thought would again and boosted my confidence like no other. You can feel S2BL literally shrink your body through the day as it pulls toxins out of your body and help burn those calories off. This is only the beginning and I feel with S2BL I will finally be able to meet my ultimate goals and we know you will too! Give it a try and get your weight loss on today.. Buy with confidence. True professionals committed to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. We are not just a seller of supplements.. We are real users just like you and know what it takes through our years of experience providing only the best supplements available today for everyone.

 "You Always Get More With Shore".

Down 45 LBS with S2BL! 





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Today was my first day taking the S2BL purple pill. The product arrived at my home sooner than I expected, and packaged well. The bottle was properly sealed, and can you believe they even have cotton and a moisture absorbing stay fresh pack inside the pill bottle.

To be honest, 90 pills is a lot for me to take so this product will last. I only use weight loss pills to maintain weight, not to drastically lose weight, so one a day or less is perfect for me. Of all the pills I have tried this one had the most natural ingredients, including some I have never tried that offer multiple benefits.

Bee pollen, juniper berry, and chinese yam are a few of the supplement ingredients i have never tried. I read that bee pollen helps with many things and one of them is mental focus.The directions suggest drinking 10 glasses of water per day, and I am only on glass 4 so far, but I will reach the goal. My appetite is low today, and I am full of water. Later my goal is to sweat it all out in the gym. 


​Hi Karyn, 

Below please find my review of S2bL: 

I take this product in the morning on an empty stomach. I've tried many diet plans and diet pills and I've never came across something like this. This is an absolutely amazing product! It literally melts away fat. I've been eating carb loaded foods and I've still been losing weight.  

By- Jo 


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Actual Customer 30 Day TeaMi Skinny & Colon Before & After Pictures.. Nice Job!!


Herbal Creek Bombshell Rowdy Kocky Throttle Reviews


  Thanks for making such a great weight loss product. I’m down 70, my daughter is down 40. ~Deverel Shippy






  You have changed my life. I am 52 and have tried everything to help with the menopausal weight. Bombshell WORKED . not only have you changed my life, but my lupus symptoms have disappeared. ~Dianne Stucki





  Because of these weight loss products I have lost 6 pant sizes and finally feel like “me” again. My favorite are the Bee Pollen weight loss pills. They amped up my energy level and cut my cravings completely! ~Shannon Patterson





  I started out at 165 lbs. Since I am only 5′tall this was OVERWEIGHT. I am now at 98 lbs. and have maintained that weight for over 5 months! To anyone out there who is struggling, DON’T GIVE UP! This works and i would recommend to anyone! ~Terri Westwood




  Thanks to Herbal Creeks Bee Pollen Weight Loss pills, Bombshell, I’ve lost an INSANE amount of more than 50 lbs!






  Bombshell, the Bee Pollen Weight Loss Pills, helped me lose 40 pounds, and I feel amazing!






  Together we’ve lost a combined total of more than 100 lbs! Thank you Herbal Creek for making such amazing weight loss products!”




  The best I’ve looked in years, and the first time I’ve weighed under 250 in over a decade! Down 66 lbs so far! ~Ron Salisbury






  For years I was in denial about my weight gain! I avoided the scale, avoided pictures, even avoided friends … Til one day someone did get a snap shot of me …and I saw it! I was mortified. I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing. I literally burst into tears. That was the day I decided to take control. I was determined to get my life back! Thanks to these products I’ve lost 45 lbs and kept it off for over a year! And more importantly, I got my life back! ~Whitney Peterson, Co-Owner of Herbal Creek


  “I have struggled with weight loss my whole life and I have tried Everything out there! I never had any success until I started to use Herbal Creek weight loss products. I am now down 60 pounds and have been able to keep it off.” ~Erica Evans




 After having my second child, the weight-loss that I needed to tackle was overwhelming… When I discovered that I could use all natural herbs to help me and that they worked better than any prescription I had taken in the past, I was ecstatic! Now I want to share it with EVERYONE who has ever felt defeated by their excess weight… Try Herbal Creek Weight Loss Products, THEY WORK! I am down 40 lbs and I feel great! ~Brooke Bird, Co-Owner of Herbal Creek


  Result of 2 months of Bombshell & Kocky”







“I received my first bottle of Kocky the week after super bowl. I immediately started taking it that day. At first I started with the maximum dosage and soon found out that it was a little more energy than I needed. I backed off to taking one at breakfast and one at lunch. This was great for the energy and it also did a very good job to suppress my appetite. After the first bottle I have lost 21.5 Lbs. and im ready to start with the next!” ~Will ​

​”I’ve recently purchased the Bombshell Bee Pollen Weight Loss Pills, and I am pleasantly surprised with the results. Ive lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks! My appetite is completely gone! It’s Insane! I’m so amped about finally finding a product that works for me. I look forward to doing business with your company for a long long time!” ~Bella 

“I took the original Bombshell for 3 months. And I loved it! But, It seemed like my body started to get used to it, because I lost ALOT of weight in the beginning but by month three hardly lost any. My distributor recommended I try the Bombshell Gold for my fourth month. The result? 5 lbs of weight loss In the first 5 days! It’s wonderful to know that I have options to continue on to my weight loss goal.” ~Linda Grey 

“I’ve been told by two doctors that I have thyroid issues, but I don’t medicate. I’m a 35 year old man and I felt like I was being told I had a health problem that belonged to a woman. I’ve tried many health and weight loss products to lose weight, but none that have worked. When I heard about these products I was skeptical. But at that low of price I thought, what the heck, ill try it. My distributor put me on Action and said the Fucoxanthin might help my thyroid. I lost 13 lbs in the first bottle! And I’ve lost an additional 30 lbs since. Thank you Herbal Creek! You’ve changed my appearance, my attitude and my life!” ~Mitch Hansen

“I work out 3-5 times a week and have generally healthy eating habits. But no matter what i’ve tried there has always been a stubborn 10 lbs that just won’t go away! That is until I found Herbal Creek ….. A friend of mine turned me on to the company. They set me up with a distributor in my area that recommended I try their supplement Kocky. It gives me great energy, curbs my hunger, and that 10 lbs was gone in 30 days!!!” ~Jennifer Austin

Vickie,  AZ

 Just wanted to again say thank you for being so prompt with the second order you sent out, I never did get the first one the USPS lost so I was glad you were on top of it in sending a new one! I just ordered the bee pollen full size and the full size co-cleanse (which you sent me a free sample of) and it is awesome! I ordered a couple of other samples with my order to see if I like them. It is a great idea to offer free samples when you know once someone tries it they will like it!
I figured maybe you would like to know that your efforts were the reason I am reordering (besides the fact I like the products), I only give my business to companies I like to work with!
Thanks again,

Amy, Nazareth PA

 Hi Stan & Karyn, 

Just wanted to let you know that I received the package yesterday (didn't check the mailbox until this morning, but it came yesterday).  So thank you very much for your always speedy shipping! I really appreciate your consistently wonderful customer make it a pleasure to be a return customer!
Thanks again,
Amy, Nazareth PA


Rosa S. from Norristown, PA:

Just wanted to tell us about the Zi Xiu Tang pills that I bought on ur store ... which I'm losing a lot of weight and in just 3 weeks I lost almost 20 pounds it makes me very happy.. before I was the saddest person now u guys changed my life.. god bless u and since now I just will buy pills from your store ..Thank.u...thank.u


 The only one i come back to , it always works. Two months on down 21 lbs.  I never craved sugar, small appetite, crazy energy and omg my skin is so soft! !!!

Joseph M. Pennsylvania: Awesome Job Joe!! Your dedication and will to succeed are the driving factor! Keep up the great work! 

 My friend told me about this product and at first I didn't wanna believe that it would work until I seen results! so I'm on month 3 with these pills and I started from 292 and in 3 months I am down to 260!!!! so I just want to say thank you guys for supplying like the best product out there that helps you lose weight :)

Jamie from Missouri: Thanks Jamie! We appreciate the kind feedback! We look forward to seeing your awesome results :)

Thank you for the prompt feedback, quick turnaround time, and excellent customer service! I am a convert customer, coming from another website that claimed to offer the authentic bee pollen. My "spidey" sense was raised because something didn't feel right... After doing my due diligence I came across your site and placed my order the next day!

I look forward to becoming a satisfied, loyal customer!

Best regards,

Lena New Jersey - History: I tried Zi Xiu Tang back in 2010 and it truly did the job. My usual weight was anywhere between 150-160 (I'm 5'9). When I went back to school then I lived in my own apt on campus. Unfortunately I lived right over top of the cafeteria, which was buffet style. So often times we'd sit there in the cafeteria (where there were high-tops and lounge chairs smh) all day. To study, socialize, and EAT!!! I went up to about 189. Although, because of my height it didn't LOOK horrible I FELT horrible!!! The worst I'd ever felt in my life actually. Sluggish, fatigued, unable to be as active, always sick etc etc. I decided to go on a detox, the Master Cleanse. So I did and it was a great jump start to changing my eating habits and dropping a significant amount of weight quickly. I lost about 15 pounds, but I was soooo scared of gaining it back. My girlfriend introduced me to Zi Xiu Tang. I thought it was a miracle pill. It had everything I wanted in a supplement. Energy, appetite suppressant, weight loss etc. Ended up being 147 (smallest I'd ever been)

Fast Forward: Stopped taking Zi Xiu Tang cause 147 was thin for me. I was satisfied. Over the last 3 years I gained the weight back and was back to a consistent 160. Last year 2012 I had a breast cancer scare. This shocked my life, my world, my thought process, my lifestyle. I was committed to live, lead and promote a healthier lifestyle. I rededicated my life to MYSELF.  A really good friend of mine (like so many of us) lost a parent to cancer. He'd be a vegetarian for the past 2 years now, and he helped me change my life. I started eating healthier, drinking less if at all (just wine or a cocktail when I'm out with the girls), working out and focusing on health. Along with that I wanted to drop a few pounds for many reasons. I saw some movies and documentaries and body fat that SCARED ME LOL. But my appetite was still soooo very strong. I have a desk job, so it's hard NOT to eat and snack all day. So, I remembered that Zi Xiu Tang helped control my appetite and boosted my energy. THIS WAS PURE HELL!!! I don't know what happened over the past 3 years but I remember that once before I tried to order it on my own (without my girlfriend) and it gave me the worst cramps and diarrhea I could ever imagine (yes, I know that I have to drink plenty of water.) And this time as well, I kept wasting my money getting fakes and phonies. SMH I didn't know what to do. I did a bunch of research and found this company, crossed my fingers and hit buy! I must admit, the first few days I felt weird. I felt a little nausea and had a few headaches. But after about 3 days, my body adjusted and pow! It kicked in just like 2010!!!! It did everything I knew it could do. THE ORIGINAL ZI XIU TANG!!! Not only that but the customer service behind this company is amazing (maybe its because they're in JERSEY!!). Anytime I email them I always here from them within a day, with a helpful, honest and authentic response. Not computer generated! I have had the best experience with this product. I don't use it everyday anymore...and I wouldn't unless you are trying to loose over 15-20 pounds. I use it to maintain my weight, keep my appetite under control (cause I can EAT!), and I only take it 2 or 3 times a week now. Once I get the physique and weight I want I will probably stop using it all together. I don't believe in using anything in excess. 

Lena After: AWESOME JOB LENA!!  For Shore Beach Ready!! 














This Girl Is READY!! Awesome job Luisa! 

Luisa Update June 2013: So in a month and three weeks I’ve lost a total of 32lbs and I couldn’t be any happier as many people know I’ve been on a roller coaster for the past 3 years of my life and well here u have it what I was when I realized I needed to find happiness within myself and not in someone. life teaches us many things and this is a battle I’m not giving up on the only person I need to love is myself and this battle is only going to continue thank you to everyone who has supported me and who is continuing to support me while I go through this stage of my life.






























Luisa New Jersey - I've lost a total of 25.5 lbs in about a month and half and cant wait to lose the additional weight :D I LOVE THESE PILLS AND the people who support you are amazing thanks for helping me :D

Luisa Before

Luisa after and still going! 


















Ty from Florida - I must say, with all the websites selling counterfeit Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen, I was very skeptical. After expressing my concerns the seller assured me that the product was authentic, and sure enough after receiving the shipment only 3 days after ordering it, I immediately checked the authenticity and it was authentic, that being said. The capsules not only help with weight loss it has helped my husband's sugar level significantly with only three weeks of using it. I myself have lost 7 lbs in three weeks and my husband has lost 8 lbs.  Helps curb the sweet craving, suppresses appetite and the perfect amount of energy. I will definitely be purchasing from here.  Thanks for such great customer service and fast shipping.



Liana from CA: Hello everyone!!!!!!

I am one of the happiest person who use the product and I got the results ..... I am very very happy with product and "YES" I do recommend everyone who wants to lose weight n be in a shape!!!!!!!!!!
I lost 28 lb in one month :-))))))))

Colleen from Whitehall PA:


Colleen Before Baby with Classic Zi Xiu Tang Energy


Colleen After Baby Weight Loss 3 Weeks! with Classic Zi Xiu TangColleen only 3 weeks after having 2nd child down 15 lbs weight loss on Zi Xiu Tang

I started taking Zi Xiu Tang on Christmas Day. I just recently had my second child a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving and was very anxious to lose the pregnancy weight. Once I started to take Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Capsules I noticed the weight coming off very quickly. Not only was I losing the weight, but I felt a lot of energy which allowed me to keep up with my children. Only a little more than 3 weeks later and I am down 15 pounds! I am at my pre- pregnancy weight and I feel great!

Kristy from South Brunswick NJ:


 Kristy Before Classic Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen


Kristy after Classic Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen

I had been trying to lose weight with no success, so in October of 2012 I started to take Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Capsules. Within just a couple days I was down a couple of pounds. I have been so happy with my results that I will continue to use Authentic Zi Xiu Tang. So far I have lost a total of 14 pounds and I am going to keep on using them for continued weight loss! I will keep you posted on my future success.

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